African Mango Weight Loss – How Does It Work?

African Mango is being heavily promoted as one of the latest “superfoods”, but what is this fruit, and can it truly help you to lose weight?

Before we talk about how it works, let’s begin with what it is – it’s a fruit, also referred to as bush mango, grown in West Africa, although what is actually used is an extract of the seeds (irvingia gabonensis).

So how exactly does an African Mango weight loss program work? What qualities does this particular fruit have that make it unlike any other?

To answer that question, we need to travel backwards in time, because it was originally consumed by the natives of Cameroon to give their energy a boost when they went hunting for food.

Nothing special, there, we hear you say, and that’s true, but things got a lot more interesting when they found out that not only does this fruit boost your energy levels, but it also gives your metabolism a healthy boost as well.

And that’s why African Mango has really grabbed people’s attention today, because a higher metabolic rate is very helpful when you’re attempting to lose weight.

However, these are not the only ways in which African Mango can help with your weight loss diet – the fruit has another crucial secret, which involves a protein known as leptin.

Recent research has shown that this protein hormone plays an important role in both metabolism and appetite, and that a leptin imbalance is the main culprit behind obesity (in addition to chronic inflammation, which is a pre-cursor for all sort of other problems).

By simultaneously decreasing appetite and increasing the levels of leptin in your bloodstream, African Mango delivers a double knock-out blow – not only do you end up eating less food, but with your metabolic rate being elevated, you burn off the calories you do eat much faster too.

Additional research also suggests that African Mango extract may suppress body fat production – which is yet more good news for the well-meaning dieter.

All of this sounds very credible, but there is still that little question– does it really work?

The good news is that, unlike many of other “diet pills” on the market, African Mango has been studied scientifically, and the Lipids In Health And Diseases journal has reported some pretty impressive results.

In this particular clinical trial, involving 102 participants, half of them were given African Mango while the other half were given a placebo.

The study demonstrated that significant fat loss, weight loss, and a reduction in waist circumference were experienced by those not taking the placebo.

There is one small word of warning that you need to be aware of: although there are no reported side-effects, the fiber content of African Mango is comparatively high, which means that a few people may suffer from loose stools (or even mild diarrhea), but once your body acclimatises to this dietary change, everything returns to normal again.

If you’ve been losing your weight loss battle, then this may be a small price to pay for a solution that has been proven to help. Give African Mango a try – what have you got to lose – apart from your weight?

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