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African Mango Weight Loss Comment – Otis Williams-2011-08-28:

I work for a disabled man who is 116 pounds over weight and he needs to lose that weight if he expects to have any kind of life. Also by him losing this weight he will NOT have any problems finding people to care for him. He needs better caregivers and by losing 116 pounds he will be smaller to pick up which will give him this advantage over what he has now. Can this African Mango help him? Help him live a longer life, he is well liked and very much needed as an important asset to much needed future!

Otis, thanks for your question.

What you’re really asking is, does this product work?

Short answer is yes, no, and it depends…

Word of caution: whenever you ask a question, you may get unpredictable answers, that’s just how it works out. No difference here, we’ll cover some topics that you might not have thought were related but actually are key.

We think this product can help with appetite suppression. This is a fiber source and if your gut is partially filled with something as in this case fruit fiber from the African Mango Extract, then you will have less appetite and less of an empty feeling. This is a good thing.

And we also think the product will help burn calories faster, as pure African Mango extract is proven to increase your metabolism. This will give you an energy boost too and help you to start losing a few inches, which is another good thing.

We think this product can also help with cravings. If you have fewer cravings, then you are a lot less likely to pig out on poor quality foods, and therefore if you can eliminate nutritionally-bankrupt foods then weight loss can occur. This is also a good thing.

These three issues are very helpful, but are probably not the only things that need dealing with if permanent weight loss is the goal.

Sadly, weight loss is a large and complex problem. A small number of people can get away with a simple solution, but more likely than not, these folks had a small problem to begin with, i.e. they need to lose 5lbs of baby fat, etc.

People needing to lose 50lbs or more will definitely need to get back to basics and attack the problem on multiple fronts, as typically they will have many issues combined which manifests as an overweight condition.

We are finding that increasing numbers of people actually have food allergies and/or intolerances, but they just don’t know it. They are consuming foods and drinks that are not compatible and are therefore experiencing various problems. Being overweight is very often part of a larger set of problems.

Many problems stem from consuming products that cause allergies. The main culprits can be found in the following (these are the most common, there could be others)

Top Food Allergens in the US

  1. Dairy (including milk products and eggs)
  2. Fish
  3. Peanuts
  4. Tree nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, etc)
  5. Sesame
  6. Shellfish and other seafood
  7. Corn, its related corn-based products, and corn derivatives
  8. Soy
  9. Wheat
  10. Gluten – a protein commonly found in wheat, but also in barley, rye, and some other grains.

It is crucial to figure out if any of the above are problematic and eliminate those offending items as quickly as possible.

Of course this is easier said than done. You may need to get some blood work-ups to help narrow it down. There are some excellent online facilities listed in the Resource section below.

Some basic things that you can do in the meantime will greatly help in the weight loss journey as this is really a giant puzzle and each person has to figure out his or her own puzzle pieces.

Here are a few things that must be dealt with immediately:

  • A full de-tox would be highly recommended to get rid of built-up toxins, parasites, and other bad stuff: Nature’s Way Thisilyn Cleanse with Herbal Digestive Sweep 1Kit.
  • Do not eat junk food, which includes fast food take out places like McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, and so forth (exclude ALL fast food places and for the time being do not eat out anywhere until your problems are under control).
  • Read ALL food labels carefully.
  • Go on a low, or better yet, gluten-free diet. That means no wheat, corn, soy, rye, millet, barley, or anything that contains glutens. This also means reduce or eliminate most grains including rice and especially corn, corn additives, corn by-products, high fructose corn syrup, food starch, maltodextrin, GMOs, and modified food starch. Corn and its related products are snuck into more than 3,000 common household products. You will have to look for it as it has many names such as the ones listed above. Here’s an even larger list:
  • Corn is hard to digest for both humans and domestic animals – this is a big source of allergies. You must avoid it, which is difficult as it can appear in almost anything, like from toothpaste to gravies, sauces, soups, and too many other places to list.
  • Do not consume anything with sugar alcohols (e.g. maltitol, mannitol, sorbitol, etc.) or artificial sweeteners (e.g. sucralose, Aspartame, Splenda, etc.) See the corn allergy list for more.
  • Do not eat pre-packaged food as they typically are loaded with chemicals, artificial stuff, synthetics, corn products, tons of salt, poor quality fat sources, and are nothing but empty calories, i.e. they provide lots of fat calories but no real nutrition and the body will typically store these calories as fat – the exact opposite of what you need.
  • Another source of allergies comes from dairy products. After the age of 2 or 3, humans stop producing enzymes to effectively break down milk proteins (i.e. lactose). This can be subtle or annoying to extreme gas production, diarrhea, stomach cramps, IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, etc. You may have to remove these items to see if this could be a source of problems.
  • Other allergens includes: nuts, seeds, fish, shellfish; i.e. milk and egg allergies are the most common food allergies in children, fish and shellfish are the most common food allergies in adults, here in the US, peanut and tree nut allergies trigger the most fatal and near-fatal reactions – anaphylaxis.
  • Alcohol, beer, wine, soda, commercial fruit drinks, coffee etc. will cause various problems and prevent weight loss.
  • Drink plenty of filtered water and if you can, try to make it alkaline for best results.
  • Make your own green smoothies from fresh fruit and vegetables (e.g. apples or pears + kale, spinach, chard, romaine lettuce, etc., but make sure to use the vegetable wash listed below first). Add only natural whey protein powder if you can tolerate this, see below.
  • Best bet is to eat raw fruit, raw and lightly cooked vegetables, lean meats from grass-fed animals, and so forth, but see the Resource section for more ideas.

To say the least, this will be a challenge, there is no easy way out. If you really want this to work, then sacrifices will have to be made. The African Mango may help with hunger and carbohydrate cravings from bad-carb withdrawal that you may experience, but it will not deal with all the many issues that no doubt are present.

Sorry, there is no magic pill. The problems come from several sources and must be dealt with accordingly.

It will be tough and frustrating, but until you can find out what products are causing the problems, you will not be able to solve the weight loss riddle. Until you eliminate all foods (and drink items) that have chemicals, additives, artificial stuff, have lectins, and perhaps glutens, then you just won’t know what is causing problems.

This is no easy task and we should know because we are doing this ourselves. It turns out that I have allergies to a whole heap of things. It is so bad that we have a big-ass spreadsheet with lots of rows and tabs to try to keep track of it all. At first, we had to have that thing open all of the time, but now we more or less know what’s on the banned list and we just don’t buy products that are problematic.

Yes, I get cravings, especially when you watch TV and every five minutes there is a food commercial with great-looking dishes that are on the banned list. We don’t even watch live TV, we record everything on TIVO. Even with fast forwarding through the mind-numbing commercials, the food images are very strong, maybe it’s so fast it is subliminal.

So, we stick to the list as best we can because otherwise, a small amount of cheating with banned foods lands me in the bathroom multiple times a day – something I refuse to willingly participate in. I have real work to do and cannot afford to have a bad stomach or worst multiple times a day – it’s not worth it.

Here are some resources that you may find useful:

Blood Testing At Home (collect sample, mail it to the lab, get results back by mail)

Books & Reference Materials

Food Sources – Healthy food delivered to your doorstep

Kitchen Essential Equipment

Nutritional Supplements

Subliminal & Hypnosis Weight Loss Sources (Help re-program your mind as in mind over matter)

We found many of these resources to be of great help. Cracking the weight loss puzzle will be frustrating as there are so many aspects. Unfortunately there is no one-size-fits-all magic pills – at least we have not found them yet. You may find success in certain areas and yet those around you may have different outcomes.

My husband, Mark, and I have common foods that we both like; however, we seem to have opposite polar reactions to these foods. In times past I could eat certain foods with abandon but that was in the good old days, I dare not do that now or I’ll have to pay a heavy price. Raisins, cherries, chocolate, yogurt (and lots of other items) will send my IBS into overdrive and I’m talking 5 or 6 raisins – it takes almost nothing for an over-the-top-reaction.

Puffer FishThe point is, as we get older things happen. The body has fewer resources or they greatly slow down, supplements may be required to help it out. Allergies seem to just develop almost out of the blue. A few years ago, Mark found out the hard way that he apparently has developed a bad allergy to aspirin. If he comes into contact with even a tiny amount, he swells up like a puffer fish.

We have to deal with the cards we are dealt. You only have one body so it is best to find compatible products that will enhance the quality of life rather than relying on quick and dirty solutions such as fast foods, as these may seem to be inexpensive on the surface, but there is usually a much larger price to pay and that is your health and longevity. At some stage, we must make tough choices, and there is only so long that this can be postponed.

Check out the resources listed above. We’ve used most of them and have had success in figuring out our own puzzles. We are still trying to find yet more pieces as this is a lengthy on-going process. It may happen overnight for you which is great, but don’t count it.

We hope you can find some of these resources helpful in solving your health issues.

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